One-Line Bio

I am just me. I am a photographer because I NEED to photograph and create the way I need to eat, drink, and breathe.


I am a "Philp-lock" Half Filipino, half Polish

I have a loud and crazy house made up of great husband, 3 quirky crazy children, 2 Jack Russel Terriers, and a Beta Fish named Bruce. Sometimes the noise level in my house scares people.

I grew up in the military so it takes me 10 minutes to answer the question "Where are you from?"

I love running, gardening, and "playing" guitar and ukulele.

I am afraid of large birds, clowns, and roller coasters but not afraid of snakes and spiders.

My family calls me 'the heater' and come to me when they are cold.

I love people who are contradictions : the beautiful mini-van mom with a sleeve of tats and a piercing, the big hulky tough guy who i a NICU nurse...

Whenever I get hurt, it's for something really strange and stupid (getting my foot caught in the hood of my hoodie...I was wearing the hoodie or blow drying my hair)

I won't drink water from the bathroom.

I love 12 year old boy humor.

I would love to meet you. So hit me up, we'll hang out over coffee or sushi or burgers, and we will quickly become old friends.


running, cooking, reading, photography (duh), growing herbs and veggies, hanging with family and friends