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January 17, 2008


Jessica McAnelly

I can totally relate to the smoke alarm thing....why is it that at 2 AM they start that annoying sound...and that you are so dead asleep it takes you and your husband about an hour to figure out which alarm is beeping....all while you are trying to tip toe and say a little prayer the kids don't wake up!! And thanks for the tip on the Photo contest...sounds interesting....Jessica

Denise Garibay

Stephanie --
Your blog cracks me up! I love it! Your life and my life sound much the same, as far as the crazy kid antics and bizarre family traditions -- i.e. my kids, too, love the big butt song, and considering the fact that their mom actually HAS a big butt, the experience is complete!


Stephanie, I get comments on my pictures pretty much every day -- thank you so much!

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