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March 09, 2008



Awesome! I love that the fruit remained colored-great job.


Beautiful shots and yummy looking fruit.


Steph! That is so awesome! I never knew how that was done. Now- I want photographs like that. :-)

Katy Fulkerson

I love these! I've always wondered how photographers do this black and white with the bold color trick, now I know, it's a pen tablet (whatever the heck that is!) I would print the photos and frame with a white mat and black frame, that's just me though, and I haven't seen your home, so that may or may not work with your color scheme. GREAT idea! I'd steal it for myself, but I still don't know what the heck a pen tablet is, yet alone how to use one! So I'll just lust after your photos!! Tee Hee!!


I love these shots !! The color with the black and white !! It's wonderful ! The second one, with the bites out of the apple ~ it's my favorite !!


Fantastic idea!!! I'm slowly trading out "art" for my photographs. I like my photographs better, really, but for some reason am hesitant to use them as decor.

Your pictures are too sweet...


Love those shots! they're great!


What a fantastic series! I love these shots, especially with the selective color!


Just beautiful. Yes, I can see the difference.


awesome shots


those are cool shots -- i really like the isolated color!

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