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June 18, 2008



Hi Stephanie,
I was just checking in to look at some of your newborn samples. Congrats to your friend on her baby girl! My best friend just became a grandma to a beautiful baby boy! Anyway, I had to comment because I have been so happy with the pictures you took in our house and have been telling everyone I know. We actually paid MORE for our last family photos taken in a studio. It was a long session with great photos not like the cheaper studios and the photographer did a good job and was patient. But they still can't compare to the convenience and fun of having you come to our home (or wherever we wanted)! I've never had my kids be so cooperative for pictures! AND you clearly love what you do which makes all the difference in the world in getting excellent family photos and memories! Comparing what you do to studio photography is apples to oranges. It was worth every penny and then some! To anyone who would complain about cost, I say you get what you pay for and your prices are a BARGAIN! Your kids are only kids one time and you will never have the chance to capture it again. Lasting family photos are priceless.


I'm sorry that you even have to address these questions. There is more than enough room for everyone. Why do some people feel the need to break others down? It's like that everywhere! I wish people would all be nice and be happy with one another. I would be very frustrated myself, especially because I know you and how much you care about people.

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