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December 22, 2008



i am here from SS and had to let you know how wonderful this post and images are ~really hope you enjoy the guitar...i love how it makes me feel!


Great images and a beautiful post!


Awesome photos and a great gift from someone who loves you very much. :)
Came from Shutter Sisters.

Jen Taylor

SO FUN!!! I had a guitar when I was about 8 and got to have 1 lesson before my parents couldn't do it anymore. It's still on my list of things to do!! Maybe you can teach me!


That is so sweet, and your photos are awesome. Have fun!!!


Seriously?? Could you guys be any cuter?? Josh is such a romantic!!Steph, I'm so happy you have each other...I love to hear the ways you love each other!
Good luck in the "year of the guitar" and best wishes for many, many more!!


That's awesome Stephanie. I am so glad you are following your interests. I always wanted to learn guitar, but my fingers are to short and stubby!! Have fun.

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