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September 15, 2009


Emily Sims

Wow!!! I feel this way and I know if we have another baby, I'll feel the same... I find myself holding my boys and kissing them and none of it is ever enough, b/c I just want to pick them back up and hug and kiss them again!!
Very well put. There is nothing quite like the love a mother has for her babies!


What a fabulous quote! It brought tears to my eyes.


Are you TRYING to make me cry? Because you did a great job. I loved this.


Stephanie, this was so amazingly and beautifully put. I love knowing that there are other moms who feel the same as I do about their babies and families. I still call Kaleb "the baby" and he's 4 and he will always be the baby in our family. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

denise garibay

oh, Steph...you know that I agree with you 110%.....I want to stop time...I say that to my kids and Frank every single day....


What a beautiful narrative about your impassioned life as a mom . . . I can see, through your words, the depth of that young girl I used to know so long ago!

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