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February 04, 2010


Corey~ living and loving

great shots for the theme. :)


I'm not fond of either blueberries or beer, but these photos make them look utterly refreshing! Chilled, great theme and execution.


I think it's "cool" (no pun intended) that you both picked some form of food/drink. I am with you, drop them in and drink up!


Yup, the way you put the images together is great. That would be a cool shot to put the blueberries in the beer. Love the crispy freezies on the blueberries.... and a chilled beer always looks good! Great job!


Mmmmm. Both look very good and very chilled. I want to gobble those blueberries up. Yum.


great minds think alike, eh? that is funny that in the middle of winter you both chose cozy inside photos for "chill" -- they really do fit together so well!

sara k blanco

blueberries in beer? i must try this very soon! very cool images, both very refreshing!


You're right, I could so drop those blueberries in the beer too. From a still life perspective there would be certainly something decadent and indulgent about the 2 together. :) Very nice.


You both chose food?! Awesome. I wouldn't have even thought of those. They do fit perfectly and I was gonna say the same thing about putting the blueberries in the beer. I also like how you put the dip together with Amy's image a bit wider. It certainly adds to the look making the whole look VERY commercial like. GREAT job team. Love it.

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