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February 21, 2010


children's sandals

Farmer's markets are a great treat for the whole family. I take my kids every couple of weekends and they love it. I get to explain to them how things really work (not like in the supermarket). They get to taste things they never would, and meet great people.

Leslie Cardinal

Hi Stephanie,

Just found your photo blog and your beautiful pix and comments about the Legacy Outdoor Farmers Market. I love going there each Sunday to get veggies and other treats. Lately, several of the vendors have been offering herb plants ready for planting--and so my garden is expanding.

As a business coach and mentor here in San Antonio, I love talking with these enterprising small business owners who have booths and tents with their goodies for sale. It's great to see how they display their merchandise and how they interact with customers. I love the way small family businesses are such a vibrant part of San Antonio.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and helping to spread the word about this delightful local farmers market!

Leslie Cardinal

Stacy Warner

I had no idea about these places! Thanks for sharing.


What a super outing! I wish my kids would suggest salad for lunch. ;) I love the cowgirl granola though, the name just is begging for me to try some of it.

kim Greenberg

Yum, yum and YUM! I love how you advocate for others. Very cool!


We were gonna go last weekend. Now I just wanna go for the cupcukes.

Jenne Misner

This makes me hate winter even more than I already do! Counting down the years till I can live year round in a better climate!! Looks like a great salad, everything has so much color.
And, u should have filled the box up with six cakes...it just looks like it's missing something, no? lol

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