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February 18, 2010



I actually like that they're such opposite photos. It showcases the range of your theme. :) And the paw print birthmark? How stinkin' cool is that?!


Darn, my comment disappeared and I didn't see where it went, lol! I love your two images, they are beautiful together. Heart the pawprint birthmark!


a perfect pawprint - that is too adorable! those crayons all lined up have me itching to color, too.

carissa... brown eyed fox

loom at that paw print! how special is that!
and a NEW puppy! aweeee.
how adorable!

i too love new crayons (oh my) AND a new little puppy pal!

fun stuff!

Corey~ living and loving

what a fun grouping. the lined up crayons are just amazing. love the color. and what a cool birthmark. :)


a new box of 64 crayons was always my fav as a kid. and really...i just want to reach out and rub that little belly :).


Look at that sweet belly. I love that you found a paw print. I love the potential of a new box of crayons. Who knows what they will create.


NEW puppy belly is FANTASTIC! I can just feel how soft and warm it is by looking at it. Cute little paw print too. I can remember being excited about a new box of crayons too. One that nobody has used before and the creations I could make from them. Nice job! Melody, I see your soccer player....I think it is headless tho! :0)

noodle and lou

a new box of crayons is so exciting for sure! love all those new possibilities all lined up like that:) and that puppy belly!! i just want to kiss it all over...so sweet!!!!


I love the puppy belly! What a cute shot, especially the paw print. :)


First of all, yup, new puppy bellys are so sweet! And kissable and soft. I'll live through you though. And yes the thrill of the new box of crayons and even getting to be the first one to use the crayon. (Ooh, I see a soccer player on Tink's belly.)

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