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February 25, 2010


Jen Taylor

Very cool...on both! Lovin the "all I do is tote kids around"...uh...yea we do!! And Steph-I LOVE the dirty tires! All dressed up with somewhere to go, and have the "Bulverde dirty" to prove it!!

Amy Jo

You guys did such a great job! Both shots are amazing and really pull the viewer in. And good for you, taking your own photo in a parking lot!

Melissa G

I love this shot so very much. Wonderfully creative! And the two together are just great.


WHOA! That is an awesome photo, and even more awesome that you went for it right there in the middle it the parking lot. You are my hero!!! I love how "real" Amy's shot is too.


This is so great. Just the fact that you faced your "fear" of everyone staring at you proves that there is so much more to you!! Awesome! I love the seeing the munchkin in the van too! Nice work.


I love that you were in the parking lot with the tripod and all. I have the same fear that people will think I am strange, I am but I don't want people to think that (LOL). Kudos to you for doing it!!!!!

Corey~ living and loving

oh my word! your shot is the BEST! I love how creative you were, and how you faced that fear. I'm not sure I could have done it. WOW! very cool! I am so impressed!


seriously, kudos to you on your parking lot escapades! i think it adds so much more to the shot that you & the cart are in a "natural" environment -- fantastic concept and execution! and rear view mirror shots are always great -- what a neat dip!

noodle and lou

oh yes...you are so brave! but it turned out so lovely...you are rockin' those cute green shoes!! and love how they both are with cars...as moms...our homes away from home:)


I love that you really put yourself out there to get the shot you wanted. Very brave of you!! Both the shots you ladies did are great and reflecting of your life. Well done! :)


Your shot is so awesome right down to those wonderful green shoes. :) And the reflection in the glass of the window is a neat capture. I totally love it. I completely understand about feeling like you're always driving around. That only really happens to me on weekends because I work full time and commute. But with kids you're always on the go one way or another.


Steph! You go! That's awesome. Very "Next Top Model".

Amy, love the double reflections and how one is focused and the other is not. And are you coming up to the highway?

Love that you both went for the car and how one is a close up and the other is farther back. Great job, team.

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