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April 08, 2010



What a fun theme! I like both of the photos. I was wondering how the photo on the left was taken, thanks for sharing. Yeah, I would worry about the lens too. LOL


You are brave. If I asked one of my kids to jump over me I can almost guarantee they'd land on me. Especially my 4 year old. Your shot came out great though. Love the snatch of sky in the background. :)It's a great duo.

Corey~ living and loving

oooo great set! I love the theme idea. really cool. you were brave, and creative. fabulously fun.


I love both, I like the shadow of the boy jumping off the hay. You my lady are brave. I would be so worried about my lens too. I love the perspective though, just perfect!


you are a brave soul...and what a shot you got! fabulous. and no...you aren't the only one who remembers those songs;).


The shadow in Amy's makes her shot. Love that! Hope he landed on his feet, eek. And your perspective makes your shot. Love that sky in the background too. Great job, team.

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