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April 15, 2010



Ok, the lizards are very strange indeed. However, I can relate to the rocks. My family has collected rocks from places since I was child too. For some people I think there is just something comforting about rocks. :) I like strange though. I'll have to remember that theme.


You really have to click it to see it bigger to appreciate the strangeness. Very odd but way cool. I would have been afraid that they would have jumped at me if I got too close.

Amy, I think it's a very cool strange collection for your little guy. I guess for boys it's strange rocks because for my girl it's heart shaped rocks.

Nice dip, team. Very earthy from both of you.


"strange" is a fascinating theme -- i'll have to remember that one:). your lizards certainly qualify -- what a strange but utterly intriguing shot!


I love this theme! So many ways to interpret it. That is so funny about the rocks because my daughter used to do it and my stepson did too. I thought it might be because ym dad is a geologist but maybe it's just a kid thing? We have a line up of unusual rocks on our kitchen window sill. Dad would be able to tell you what sort of rock the tooth shaped one is. As for those lizards first of all they look strange even without what they are doing! All the lizards round our neck of the woods are brown. The green on these guys is startling. It is fascinating to wonder what they're doing. Male dominance looks about right. After all, think about how long blokes can spend trying to outdo each other :-D

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