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May 04, 2010


Stacy of KSW

They look outstanding!! I can't wait to see more, great job Steph. So proud of where you're going & all you've been up to lately. There's no stopping you now

Amy Gonzales

I am an amateur photographer and have photographed many families and kiddos. I am amazed at your work and wondered if you do any workshop. I have a Canon 50D and would love to operate it to it's fullest capacity...... I'm truly in love with your work and your eye for such great ways to capture the moment. I would love any information you might have. Here is my website for you to take a look...and your comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you and again, your work is inspiring!!

my email address is amymgonzales1971@yahoo.com

Amy Gonzales

nadine bealmer

beautiful couple and I was so glad to have been able to be there and witness such a perfect ceremony. Love you two forever and be kind to one another and our darling Jordan.


Oh these are just beautiful!!! Fantastic location too! The bride is stunning and he looks a bit like Ben Affleck! :)

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