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June 11, 2010


Things I Fancy

Sent here from www.stylist.com Such a great activity. We will try this weekend and I will link back to your post on my blog! Thanks www.thingsIfancy.com

Pamela McCurdy

This looks like a fun art/science crossover project...and I have featured your site in an article at examiner.com.

Edna Desselle

i just read the comment, using this idea for a fun time with senior citizens, my question is this . can denture tablets be used instead of alka seltzer tablets, i think some seniors may have some of those. just a thoght and thx


Great fun! Not sure where to get the water bottles
Thanks for the ideas


I am doing this activity with the Senior Citizens at our community Senior Activity center. Manyof the seniors have not done a lot of the fun things I find on this sight...and this one will really get them wowing! I would like to know if you can put the lid on or does it need to remian off during the Alka Seltzer drop ins? I thankyou so much for allowing many people to have fun with this as it is NOT only for children but for the Older adults of our community as well!!! I will also be doing this with my great niece and nephew 3 and 7.


think a glow stick could be added to use indoors as a night light?


For Sarah on 1/24: The science is that the alka-seltzer releases carbon dioxide when it is put in water. The CO2 bubbles get temporarily trapped at the oil/water barrier and then when enough gas build up to overcome the difference in fluid densities the bubbles carry a water droplet through the oil to the surface with them. You can see the tiny bubbles in each blue drop in the last photo. When the bubbles reach the top of the oil they will eventually escape into the air and the water droplet falls back down to the bottom since water is more dense than oil.

sally hartsfield

When do you put the lids on the jars?


I just did this with my almost-two-year-old and he was amazed! Thanks for the fun tip! (found you on pinterest)

Braille Teacher

I am so excited to try this with some of my elementary aged students! Can this be done more than one time over several days or can each bottle lava lamp last a few days at a time. Thanks fior the great idea!


Thank you so much for this post, we have done this over and over in the last wek or so and it is such a hit. Your photographs (and children) are beautiful.


Cool! Thanks!

Jeana Roper

This is so neat ..


My 4yr old son and the 7yr old child I care for loved this activity. Thanks

learn to surf

Simple and Great tip for kids to check out!! this is pretty good to read this kind of posts which are entertaining, I am gonna try this Lava Lamp today!


Did this tonight with the family and another couple. The results were AWESOME and the kiddos LOVED it, until their alkaseltzer ran out, that is. :) We will be taking this to the summer family reunion to share with the rest of the wee relatives. Thank you so much for sharing such an AWESOME idea!


What camera was used?? Great photography


We added glitter to ours! This is so fun as an activity. Thank you for sharing!!


How long does it last??


lol @ lava6 (pic )# 6


We're going to give this a go. What's the science explanation behind it?

Erin @ Making Memories

This is so cool! We're on our way to the grocery store to buy Alka Seltzer right now. I'll definitely link to you when I post it =o) Thanks!

Linda @ theLENNOXX

What an awesome idea! Looks pretty simple and not too messy too. I'll try to make one of these with my nephew one day =)

xox Linda


that is awesome i love this idea i will try this really soon actually as soon as possible:)


this looks so cool i will do it this winter and summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for sharing! I found this on pinterest and followed to your site.


can you put the caps on while its fizzing?

pam henry

Oh boy ...how to make homemade Lava lights, allrighty then what great ideas to do with your kidsor grandkids


My son is into the black socks right now. It made for an interesting summer at least it's fall now and we're moving into long pants. Whew!


thanks for sharing. The children just made one each.


Super super fun!! I love the pictures and the detailed instructions. Thank you for this idea!!

jennifer kindle

Cant wait to do these..thank you!


had a blast doing this with my boys, are playing it with it nearly a week later still! Thanks for the idea, I've also mentioned it on my blog!


Alka seltzer is found in the aisle by Pepto, and stomach aides - used for upset stomach, headache etc.

Hangover remedy from the 1960's


so fun, im going to try this today with my boys, ill be sure to blog it later and link back to you :) we found those same bottles at TJMaxx, they are glass!! so nice.


FYI...this will only work while the Alka Seltzer is active, then the bubbles stop. We found that you can save the solution and do it over and over again until the mixture gets too cloudy.

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids

This activity is wonderful! I will be sharing this with the families that I work with next fall. I have pinned it on pinterest. Hope that is ok!


LOL....that second picture...now we KNOW what it is to be a "fly" on the wall...watching! GREAT TUTORIAL!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids

Very very cool!!!! Awesome idea.

Rhiannon Urso

So, do the bubbles only come up when you put alka seltzer in? Or will they still work like a normal lava lamp all the time?


What is Alka Seltzer? Amazing fun..can't wait to do it with my class.


Oh yeah! That's a great project. :)

Emily Sims

This is awesome!!!

Jen Taylor

How fun!! Gotta try it this week! How long did they last??

Keri Justus

This is so cool. Can't wait to try it with my kiddos! :o)

Stacy of KSW

Love you even more for this :) My little man likes to pull his socks up to his knees too. I want to know where all teh socks in their size went? They either don't come past the ankle or go way over the knee. Drives me crazy, but he loves it. Polo, shorts and knees highs - yep, he's super cool.

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