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June 03, 2010



You chose green and you both did green veggies! Love that. And boy do I love zucchini bread and fresh from the vine tomatoes.


you guys both make veggies look sexy! (OK, i know tomatoes are a fruit...). this is food art, ladies -- fantastic pairing.


Shredd zucchini makes me want to bake chocolate chip zucchini bread. Yum! Nice shot.

Your green tomatoes are perfect too, they make me think of that movie fried green tomatoes. ;) Nice combo with the green vegies.


These are GREAT representations of GREEN! Thank you summer!!!!! You can tell we've just had a hard, long winter, can't you!!! haha - Thanks for sharing - great work the two of you!

Corey~ living and loving

I love that you both used produce for your green! :) what a great diptych it made. fabulously FRESH! and GREEN!

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