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November 16, 2010



That is awesome, in a completely embarrassing way.


Can't....stop.....laughing.....OMG doesn't begin to cover this one............HILLARIOUS!


That is laugh out loud funny! I needed a good laugh after the evening I've had! :) And btw, I think your hair looks great!


Hahaha, can't get up off the floor... I don't think I have laughed in days, in fact cried the last two, so thank for that...

Jen Taylor

oh goodness. I cracked up. Out loud. Again and again. Too much for now. HA!!


DAmmmmnnnnn girl! You need to download Urban Dictionary for iPhone ASAP!


oh, girl. the tears are streaming down my face from my hysterical laughing. o.m.g!!!!! thank you for a huge laugh at your expense..and for being so brave to share that! hysterical! btw- you're hair looks amazing...and it's great that it now matches...well, everything. :)


oh my gosh you are KIDDING ME!?!? you sweet thing. I am so glad you posted this. love the new "drapes" and the old "carpet"


I'm so glad you posted too. And I agree with Karen, you ARE adorable. xo


Saw your tweet about this, and laughed just as hard this time around. (truth? I've never even heard the phrase! Shows you how sheltered I am....) And you look gorgeous.


I love it! And I love that you had the courage to share it! Made my day!


I needed this share ;)

Karen from Chookooloonks

You are adorable.

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