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January 19, 2012



good call. life is too short to surround yourself with the "high school" mentality. instead, surround yourself with friends who support & encourage you...& don't feel guilty about pulling away from those who don't.

lupita serrano bugarin

I totally get what you are saying. I recently did a oops with a photographer. She posted she had posted "i found a great place for your next family session" and idiot that I am thought how nice of her and asked "where?" it wasn't until she replied in a certain way I realized what I did:( Then someone blatantly steals my idea then has the nerve to criticize me:( I keep praying the LORD reveal to me if this is the path he wants me to go on. I am not cut throat enough for this:(

mosey (kim)

Social media isn't the real world, which I try to remind myself of often. And like you, I take a break from it once in a while, and re-jig my options for being out in it. I think in some cases, blinders are a good survival technique.

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